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Accidentally Great (4)

Of course we have no idea what really happened but the great thing about photos is we can read so much into them and virtually reconstruct whole fictions based on brief fleeting glimpses.

Maybe its just my warped sense of humour, or perhaps a perspective gained from a lifetime with my wife and her family but I reckon that Cheryl has, well, to put it politely allowed certain bodily gases to pass and then disowned the whole event.

Those behind have not been oblivious to the event of course, one of the boys has taken a deep breath and tried to maintain composure with a grimace but Wendy being the youngest has no such restraint, whilst the final boy in the line has yet to experience the wafting assault and wondering what all the fuss is about.

Of course all of this is just pure conjecture, perhaps Cheryl is innocent, perhaps the expressions are just momentary glimpses of kids not yet ready to have the real photo taken.

Doesn’t matter to me though, I reckon I know exactly what happened!

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