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At last a video camera that excites me

Now don’t get me wrong here, I agree that the pure video image quality from these cameras is extraordinary and the ability to use SLR style lenses with their shallow DOF look is compelling, but ...........I feel these cameras as they are represent a video dead end and I have not really been tempted to actually buy one.

The problems with them are huge and would be “videographers” need to consider these carefully. Focus is utterly critical and in practice without a plethora of expensive 3rd party add-ons you are unlikely to get even half consistent results.

File formats for the footage are a dogs breakfast, sound recording capability is generally quite limited, zooming while shooting is tricky at best and worst of all the cameras “form factor” is just not right for video work. Honestly there is a good reason why video and movie cameras have never evolved to look like SLR’s.

Now over the past couple of years the “phorlurks” (Photo Forum Lurkers) have been castigating Sony for their lack of dedication to the Video DSLR phenomenon, daily we would see comments such as “what are the Sony guys thinking of, where is the video, these guys are idiots” etc. Well now we know!

Sony have I think actually been very clever, instead of cobbling together a DSLR with video as an add-on they have re-invented the whole video camera. Its called the NEX-VG10 and it is easily the most interesting development I have seen in the digital imaging field in the last 2 years and will no doubt be quite worrying to the chaps at Nikon and Canon. I won’t spoil the excitement for you, just do a quick search and check out the specs and design of the thing.

Of course Sony being Sony will probably do something really stupid to alienate potential purchasers or nobble it in some way that will seriously limit its appeal in their attempt to force you into buying some other Sony product. I seriously hope not, as this is a truly ground breaking product that could be the answer to a lot of folks needs.

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