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Accidentally Great (3)

This instalment in the Accidentally Great series is a rather whimsical image of two young girls being wheeled around in a wheelbarrow by their grandfather. They are all my relations and all are now deceased but I can still easily see the story of the image.

The grandfather looks the typical Australian “bushie”, with his pipe and hat, lean stature, scrappy jumper, small moustache and weather beaten complexion. One can imagine him being hard at work in the yard when being asked by the children for a ride in the family barrow.

Simple times with simple pleasures, the girls hold an undressed doll and the family cat, one can imagine that they found a myriad of ways to entertain themselves in the yard. Looking further we can see the yard is barren, the fences crooked, the old cart basic but probably crucial to family function and the wheelbarrow itself is obviously cobbled together and worn yet still an important family tool.

Quite a nice little time capsule, I have no idea who took the photo but it was found in my grandmothers collection and I am grateful that it has survived the test of time.

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