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Brad's Personal Top 10

I am often asked the same questions by my students and often a companion question along the lines of “and why do you like this or that image”?

Quite some time back Mike Johnston who runs the wonderful website The Online Photographer, suggested that photographers should put up their favourite images on their websites. Unfortunately I cannot remember the entire context of the article and indeed a quick look at the contents of Mikes’ site failed to turn it up, though I am sure its there. But his idea I felt was a good one, we should have the courage to simply say, “Look this is what I like”.

At the time I made a deal with myself to do just that, but then I found it near impossible to choose my favourites from my lifes’ work, indeed even getting out those old negs to scan the ones I like would be a major problem.

Going through my images on an annual basis however is much more manageable, so here ,in the interest of being true to myself and fair dinkum with my students, I present my inaugural Brad’s favourite 10 images for 2009-2010. Brad's Personal Top 10.

These are not by any stretch the best technically correct images or the most saleable or anything else that matters in a commercial sense, they are simply the images that I really like from the past year. The images were taken with a variety of cameras and some have a fair amount of editing some have next to nothing.

I have decided to provide no additional information with each image, I simply say these are the images I really like and I don’t feel the need to explain why. If you like them, then that’s great, if not, that’s fine too.

You will probably notice I have not put up any family pics, I thought about this as I have some I really love, but in the end I decided I would rather keep my families’ life private, which I think you will agree is fair enough.

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