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Accidentally Great (2)

Here is the second instalment in the accidentally great series.

Once again the image was taken by my father-in-law sometime in 1951 and though I have no idea who any of the people in the shot are I feel I can tell much about them from this old grainy image.

The posing I think is wonderful, a professional photographer would likely have sucked the life out this group if asked to take the shot, no doubt people would be posed neatly, probably not even on the truck, they would all look straight to the camera and the smiles would probably be seriously forced.

Nothing stuffy about this image, it is playful, it tells a story of happy times, of friends having fun, one can almost imagine the day the group were having, 15 mins later they probably all sat down for a nice picnic and a few beers!

One perhaps telling aspect is the Koori gent sitting on the mudguard of the car, he is quite separate from the group and not looking at the camera at all, yet in profile he appears happy. In the 1950s White Australians still treated Native Australians as second class citizens and I wonder if this image simply reflects that situation.


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