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Embarrassing Wedding Photos of 2015

Naturally I am not going to mention any names or provide any links, and bear in mind I am probably just a boring old fart, but let me introduce our combined pick of the cringe worthy trends of 2010.

Number one is the totally off balance shot or probably better know as the tilted horizon.
This type of wedding image has been around for a long time now, it adds a certain informality and casualness to images and the better versions are rather nice.

Better versions by the way are those that use the tilt to emphasise some angled element in the image, in other words they look right because the effect is in keeping with the images intent and structure.

Ah but most of the stuff we saw simply uses the effect to try and make an average image look a little less average, but what results simply looks silly. Think about it, how smart is it to have rivers running down hill, the sea falling off the edge of the world, people looking like they are about to fall over.

We found one wedding photographer (and seriously I am not kidding here) where over 80% of all the photos taken at 3 successive weddings were falling over! I can just see the bride in 2015 scanning all her pics and levelling them out. This photographer was perhaps a little extreme but there were many others who had embraced the look with complete abandon.

The second effect/style is rather more recent and is far more destructive of image integrity, it is hard to name the effect but I will do my best to describe it.

Somehow we end up with images that look like they have been edited by a 5 year old who has just been let loose with Photoshop and no lessons to go with it. Actually the nearest thing I can think of is the look you get from an iPhone if you go totally overboard with some of the special effects editing tools you can get for the phone.

Horribly over-saturated colours, posterization, weird colour shifts, bleached highlights and blocked shadows all thrown together in a single image. At first I though this was a sort of one-off by a photographer who was feeling adventurous with his latest digital crayon set, but then looking at several websites revealed that it is actually a virus that has spread quickly enough to have a momentum all of its own.

The problem with this tacky little effect is that the poor customer won’t be able to do anything to rescue a decent image out of it in 2015, they will just have to hide the images and hope no one ever sees it again!

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