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Accidentally Great

In classes I often encourage students not to delete photos from their memory cards without carefully thinking about the long-term ramifications; today’s snap could be tomorrow’s treasure.

Over the next few months I am intending to post images from the family collection that support that last statement with a little description to go with the image.

This first image was taken by my father-in-law Ray Bonnette who passed away about 6 years ago. He would never have considered himself a photographer but I found many images in his collection of snaps that are just wonderful.

Ray moved around a lot as he worked for Australia Post and loved the idea of locating to a new town to expand his life experiences and in those days that was quite easy to do with organisations such as the Postal Service. I have no idea what camera he used but thanks to his meticulous nature I do know the image was taken in 1950 in Maitland NSW and depicts the effects of the massive floods in the area in July-August of that year.

The image is pretty much as shot, as they all will be, but I have taken the liberty of tidying up some of the damage the years have inflicted in terms of fading, discolouration and dust.


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