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Perhaps This Might be the Start of Something Big

Now I am no big fan of Sony in general, much of what they do as a company annoys me, their attitude to proprietary technology is very poor and causes all sorts of issues for consumers, but I have to say they sometimes produce some milestone products and I think the new NEX-3 and NEX-5 may just continue that tradition.

In short they are not only super compact but they are superbly well featured, have it appears terrific image quality and display a certain independence of design that most other cameras lack.

The icing on the cake is the video mode which while it appears is not perfect is a lot better than pretty much all the alternatives.

Pricing looks good too, though we will have to wait to see what it costs in OZ.

Photographers have for a long time been asking for a product just like this but the response from most manufactures have been either tepid or seriously flawed in some way.

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