Information on works that you may be looking for to decorate your office, home, hotel or apartment block.
Modern photography can be much more than a simple image, with endless possibilities to communicate, decorate and instruct.

Many businesses can benefit enormously from well structured and designed implementation of photography or photographically derived images which can become a visual centrepiece and Brad Nichol offers expertise to create works of stunning impact and quality. We are not simply talking about advertising material here but rather artworks for the business environment.

Of course homeowners can benefit from the commissions concept as well, modern architecture has wall spaces that beg to be decorated with artwork in keeping with the scale and purpose of the rooms as well as the personality of the owners, so why compromise if you don’t have to.

No idea is too large; Brad can work in with other imaging professionals to bring your photographic concepts and needs to life.

As you can see from the images on this site Brad is able to bridge all styles of image creation ranging from purely abstract through to traditional fine art monochrome and all in between, whether it be hard edged industrial, landscape, still life or moody renditions of everyday scenes the image and its final form do not lie beyond the lens and editing skills of Brad.

The best approach always is to create images specifically for the project rather than battle with established images of marginal relationship to your needs.

Perhaps you need a major work to fill a wall space, maybe you have a concept for an office space or cafe or the need to decorate the walls of a hotel or new apartment block, whatever it is Brad is happy to discuss and present ideas and concept drafts.

The really great thing is that works created this way are "one-offs", they are not compromised in any way and they will be seen nowhere else so they will have unique impact and be totally tied to your business or home.

Of course such projects have very specific needs, for example printing on outdoor grade materials, custom framing, printing on unusual substrates, archival permanence, ultra large mutli-panelled presentation and more. So clearly it is not possible to give a costing on a web page, Brad and his associates will need to work out a quote for you based on your concept/brief first and the project can move on from there.