E-books for sale

These e-books are $25 each including postage - please contact us at Zero One Imaging if you would like to purchase one.
Currently we have 4 e-books available to help you go from digital zero to hero.

All are written in plain English and cover the core concepts you need to understand to make sense of your gear regardless of what it is you’re using.

Most books are targeted at particular pieces of equipment or programs, which is fine so long as you don’t change your gear or programs. Our e-books are not intended to replace the manuals that come with your hardware and software but rather provide an overarching understanding of how all these things operate, in other words we provide the manual your read before you read the manual.

Brad has written these to fill in the gaps that he uncovered through teaching literally thousands of students, they are not overly technical and they certainly don’t assume you already have any knowledge in the area like most books do.

Lots of books these days are full of pretty pictures but they lack any real information so they leave you just as confused, Brad is a firm believer in the need to understand how and why something works and this is reflected in his approach.

So here is a rundown of the available books.


Digicam Primer

Recently updated to account for new development, this is a great starter for those perplexed by the mysteries of their digital camera.

All the core concepts are covered such as white balance, exposure compensation, flash, and more. But in addition there is a wealth of helpful hints and tips, dictionary of terms, examples of images and information on how they were shot and edited.

Naturally issues such as back up, software and accessories are discussed.

We feel very confident that if you read this e-book you will be able to make sense of your digital cameras manual and you will be able to take better photos as well.


54 Things

Photo editing programs are pretty confusing animals and most of the books available don’t help much because they concentrate on a specific program and are very skimpy on the background theory. Things go swimmingly so long as you are doing exactly what the book is showing you but once you step outside that box it all comes crashing down because you don’t understand what is actually going on in the program.

This e-book fills the gap, you will find out exactly what it is that photo editing programs do and how they go about it. All the jargon will be revealed, the controls will make sense and you will be able to move from digital confusion to digital control.

This is a great e-book to read before you try reading the programs help files, it is easy to understand and will demystify the whole concept of photo editing regardless of what program you are using.


Scanning exposed
Most folk use their scanners in full auto mode and then wonder why the results are so poor. Well wonder no more, here is an e-book that will give your the core knowledge you need to make peace with your scanner, regardless of what it is.

All the mystery will be swept away, and you will see just how powerful the scanner can be, but best of all the jargon, (and scanning is a jargon filled area), will no longer be a problem. Help files will make sense and your scans will be just so much better.

Much of the information is visually shown on Epson and Canon scanners but the concepts apply to any scanner.


From Vinyl to Digital
Not photography but definitely digital and of great interest these days.

Potentially this is a confusing and jargon filled area but I believe this e-book will cut through the clutter and provide a great overview of how to go about this fun and rewarding process.

The e-book covers much more than just the basics, it includes information on setting up your turntable, modifying your turntable, preparing the records, straight talk on program differences and much more.

It is easy to understand and plain English in approach, you really don’t need any prior knowledge of the subject.